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App Speed - any ideas to help speed up load times are welcome

Hi everyone;

I’ve been working with bubble for a while now and I love it. I fully expect to be able to take over the world with the site/app I create with it.

My problem is the app in the real world loads really, really slowly, like, frustratingly slowly, so I’d like to ask for any suggestions on how to speed it up.

here is my site: (you’re all under an NDA as of NOW!!):

I have pasted two pages of the real site in the community under the titles qwybble_p_1 and qwybble_p_2 to give you an understanding of the scope of the conditions and logic I’ve built on the back end.

My question really is: what will speed up the site load times? Should I separate out the Canadian site from the US site and, therefore, cut the conditions and logic in half?

I’m open to any thing, thanks for the help.


That is terribly slow. I’m curious to know (in detail) what is going on in the background.

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Just tried.
Loading the home page was actually fast for me.
What was terribly slow is when I tried to click on a the canadian flag.
As @Scott said, what i exactly happening when we click on that flag ?

I had one similar issue in the past because of an invalid action in a workflow.
Like some data action on not existing data, or calling an api with invalid parameters (I don’t remember exactly, sorry).
Maybe you will want to check that your workflow is correct.

For instance, why is there a unique id in the login Url that appears when clicking on the canadian flag ?
Does it come from a search among many other things ?

Yep. Unusually slow. I’m assuming it is in your workflows. Can you provide direct links to editor?

I second that.

Even with all the performance concerns that are discussed every now and then, Bubble is way faster than what you page works like, so the issue is most probably in how the workflows are build and structured.

Thank you for the insights, I’ve copied one of my pages to forumapp3 here:

The sample page shows the workflows that I’ve created.

I believe that I’ve set up the workflows properly and I agree that there are a lot, a lot a lot, in the workflows and maybe I just have to segment out the pages and delete half of the workflows on each page so that each page moves more quickly, that might be the solution at the end of the day…

Hey @leslie.nagy – there’s actually some backstory here about why is slower than average. You have a custom type, airfair offers, that has over a thousand fields on it. Our database doesn’t actually support that many fields per row in it. These days, we cap it at 1,000, but when you built it originally, we were still using elasticsearch as our backend, which doesn’t have a hard limit. So in order to avoid breaking qwybble when we switched from elasticsearch to postgres last summer, we wrote a special handler that stores all the fields as one giant single field. The downside of doing that, though, is that searching is much slower, because we can’t do searches in the database in the same way that we do for other apps.

So, if you want to speed things up, I’d recommend re-organizing your app so instead of giant items with thousands of fields, you have thousands of smaller items. I don’t have a good enough understanding of how qwybble works to give specific recommendations on how to do this, but generally, when you have more than 50 or so fields on the same custom type, you are probably doing something like this:

Custom Type: My Friends
Field 1: Jack’s birthday
Field 2: Jack’s height
Field 3: Jill’s birthday
Field 4: Jill’s height
Field 5: Rachel’s birthday
Field 6: Rachel’s height

Whereas it works better in Bubble to do something like this:

Custom Type: My Friend
Field 1: Friend’s name
Field 2: Friend’s birthday
Field 3: Friend’s height

…and then create separate items for Jack, Jill, Rachel, etc…


Thanks for the insight into the issue and a reminder that I should do some spring cleaning of my own fields.

@josh I’m curious, what is the time complexity for searching a type with n fields (excluding a search for any field)?

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Searching scales linearly with the number of fields, so that’s not really a problem in general (Qwybble is a special case). For most apps, the main reason to not have too many fields on a custom type is that the bigger each individual thing is, the longer it takes to load stuff. Whereas if you have lots of small items, it’s easier to design your app so you only need to load the data you actually need.

Well this is exciting, thank you very much for the insights, can you let me know please where you see that particular custom type?

I have searched the data fields that I have created for the site, and the ones that I currently use, I don’t see that particular custom type anywhere so I’m hoping I can delete it and other fields that I don’t use and hopefully speed things up. I just can’t find it.

If it helps load the site faster, I’m happy to do whatever it takes! Thank you again for the help.

Oops, sorry, the type is called “offers_all”

little bit off topic but are you actually charging credit cards? I accidentally clicked on something and before I knew it, it said ‘thank you, your credit card will be charged’. I have a pre filler (using Dashlane) for credit cards but I couldnt check if it prefilled since the popup closed so quickly. I presume not, but just checking!

(I don’t need a Shell prepaid code :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting…ok, I will try to figure a way to split up all those custom data fields and types…do you think though that that could be the reason that clicking on one of the links from the index page is so slow? I’ll certainly give it a try…

And no, don’t worry, no credit cards are charged!! yet :slight_smile:
Thanks again for all the help…


FYI, this is a screenshot of the GTMetrix report for one of the pages on your site:


On a separate note, I didn’t understand from your home page what your site did. I’d probably look at the copy writing to explain immediately to the User what your site does and also get a professional graphic designer to tidy it up.

Excellent work getting your site live. Great work!


That’s fantastic insight, thank you so very much. That is a report that I will try to get familiar with…

I’m re-working the site based on the feedback I’ve received and the early signs show that the pages load much more quickly - so it’s back to the drawing board but that’s ok, as long as the speed increases, that’s the main thing.

Thank you also for the feedback about not really getting what the site is intended for and the graphics.

I’ll go back to the drawing board on those two points as well. It’s an evolving process so I’m sure the site doesn’t look today like it will look in six months or two years from now, and I guess that’s the challenge and the fun of it!

I really do appreciate all the assistance!

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