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App stuck on "saving..." for 6 hours

One of my apps is stuck on “saving…” and have been for 5-6 hours when I make an edit.
My other apps have no issues when saving.
I’ve tried logging out and in again, clearing cache and different browsers.

Thought it might just be something temporary, but since it’s been this long I want to hear if anyone else is experiencing it?

@emmanuel should I file a bug report?

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution, just a similar occurrence. Described below:

I experienced this approximately 29 hours prior to time of this posting.

I went to bed, leaving the browser open.

8 hours later, it still said saving, so I logged out.

A few hours later, logged back in, no longer saving, but some of the changes I had made were saved, others were not.

So far, it has not repeated itself.

Yes, without a link we can’t do much.

Ok, I’ve filed a bug report now.

They are pushing a fix for it now.

The issue was very specific here, it’s was because @pnodseth was using some Norwegian characters somewhere it wasn’t good to (we pushed some behind the scene protection, and this won’t apply to other users).

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