Issues saving app - 'unexpected error'

Hey Everyone,

Is anyone else experiencing issues trying to save their app? I keep getting this error message. Tried clearing cache, tried ‘undo’ and few times then ‘redo’, closing the browser tabs, and am using the ‘&tab=tabs-1&issues_off=true’ type to try and give me a second to save my pages with no luck.

Any advice?

Best is to file a bug report for something like this, this is very likely a situation only your app is facing.

I actually had the same thing happen to me last night too around the time you reported it.

Hey @emmanuel, thanks for reaching out! Filed a report last night :slight_smile:

That’s odd. I’ve experienced this in the past, but usually goes away. This time it’s stuck :thinking:

@lantzgould our team just responded to your bug report with next steps. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks @neerja! Always appreciated. :slight_smile:

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