Stuck on 'Saving'

Hi - I have just made a lot of changes to my app and just realised the editor says ‘Saving’.

I have opened the editor in another window and none of the changes I have made over the last however long have saved.

I obviously can’t wait forever, but equally don’t want to lose the changes I have made if possible.

Does anyone know if this will eventually turn to ‘Saved’, or am I going to have to close the window and start again?

EDIT… I can still edit the app, and use Chrome generally, and everything is basically working (i.e. connection not lost, and PC not frozen).

When you see a red saving, best is to stop editing your app and waiting for the thing to get back to normal before making more changes. If a connection issue happens, we can’t really do anything to recover the changes.

Is it still happening? If yes, please file s big report and we’ll check.

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I didn’t notice it until I went to close the browser. In the end I just started over.

It wasn’t a connection issue as everything else was working - including accessing the bubble forum.

No worries - I don’t think I lost too much in the end.

I have the same problem sadly. Stuck on ‘Saving…’.
I tried a commit hoping that when my changes are gone the commit will have picked them up - but I guess that’s just wishful thinking…

Best when you see this is to file a bug report.

Thanks emmanuel! Will do!

@emmanuel It would be nice to have a more visible indication that saved status is stuck on “Saving…”, like a red alert or something.

I lost 30 minutes of modifications, it is not too bad but it could have been avoided with a clear warning.

From now on I will constantly be watching the “saved” status text for the rest of my life :sweat_smile: