App transfer from my developer

I hired developers to help me build prototypes for my app idea and one of them finished at a cost of $1,500. He couldn’t transfer the app to my account because my account has credits. The credits came from AWS Activate and I do need them to run multiple prototypes through user testing.

Need support on:

  1. I checked the credits terms and didn’t see anywhere that it says I can’t transfer in an app that I paid a developer for. Did I miss those terms? AWS Activate | Bubble
  2. Help transferring the app, and potentially two other prototypes built by the other two developers, if this is within terms of the credits.

Thank you

Better to ask Bubble support.

I did already ask support, earlier today, using the “Talk to a person” feature. The chatbot said it would be submitted and I haven’t heard back since. Maybe the community could help me with #1, and potentially get attention to #2.

Thought it was worth asking for support because it affects myself and 3 professional Bubble developers.


I’ve noticed usually to get a “real” response from someone, you’ll typically end up waiting up to 24 hours for a response… and that’s on the weekdays.

Ah, that’s unfortunate, because I was planning to test the app on users later this evening at an event. Developer already downgraded to transfer app so we can’t deploy and use custom domain anymore. Maybe best we can do is pay the monthly upgrade on a different account to deploy. Thanks for the info GH5T.

Do dev receive any error when they are trying to transfer?

Yes, error said “The account you’re attempting to transfer this app to is ineligible for app transfers. Please contact Customer Success if you have questions.”

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