How to add items from list of texts as value to multiline input field?

I’m using the multiselect dropdown input field to let my members select multiple skills from a list when they sign up. They can only choose from the options we give them.

The skills they select are stored in the user type as a list of text.

When they edit their profile, I would like to give them the option to show the multiselect dropdown input field, but with their existing skills already selected.

Obviously, it’d be great if this were something incredibly simple, but I’m here to learn, so even if there’s only a work around, I’d love to find out how.

Let me know if more screenshots or information would help out.

Hi there, @herman1… if I understand your post correctly, you can achieve the desired result by setting the multiselect dropdown’s Default value to Current user's skills (replace skills with whatever your field is called, of course).

Also, just food for thought, but option sets are great for things like your skills list, and then you would use the option set to define the multiselect’s options, and you would link the field in your User data type to the option set, too. Again, just food for thought.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @mikeloc you understood perfectly.

And option sets are great in this situation, so I’ve changed my database and settings accordingly. I didn’t know about this option yet.

When I used values from the database I got the error below, but with an option set, it works perfectly. Considering I’ll need to give the user some say into what skills they can choose from, I might have to switch to a database option somewhere in the future.

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The default value isn’t resolving because you probably didn’t change the field in your User data type from a list of texts to a list of the option set options. Oh, and by change, I mean you have to delete the Skills field you already have and add a new field that is tied to the option set.

Yeah, one of the limitations of option sets is that users can’t add options, so like you said, you will need to use a custom data type if that is something you want users to be able to do.

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