Appgyver is not your saviour

This is a post that I did on the Appgyver forum several months ago. After spending several months working on an application and testing Appgyver. I had my own data in MSSQL and wrote a node front end for my API endpoints.
So I’m mostly concerned about the front end experience, and this was some feelings that I finally wanted to point out once I found out that the mobile app did not even have a hamburger menu.
And that technical support issues kept slipping. As a result of that, I was switching to bubble. Even though I know I’ll be locked in on the development side, but I had really thought the $29 a month plan would work for me, but it definitely will not work with the bombshell from today using limits on things. yes I know they’ve backed off on that, and I definitely see the betrayal and loss of trust is a big issue for those of you committed to it. I definitely would have an issue jumping from 30 month 120 a month just because I had too many records in a table. That’s ridiculous, but that’s off-topic. I wanted you to read my Appgyver stopping points posted below. Thanks

Recently I was just trying to show my app to a friend… to have someone else take a look at it. This turns out to be very difficult to me.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but if you wanted to show the app to someone actually on the phone, before you go through the long buggy build process, then they have to download the SAPAppgyver application (the easy part). After this, you don’t want to give them your user ID and password do you? I’m not gonna wait around to give someone a PIN, so the only other way is that QRcode/URL to get into Preview. But that constantly changes. It’s not like you could send it to someone late at night and have them wake up in the morning and check the URL because it will change or time out. I think it is only valid for four hours. But it’s extremely difficult
from what I have experienced.

So I thought about writing this issue up. And then I thought about what incentive do they have to fix it?

Because I’m not a paying customer.
SAP, the owner, doesn’t really need me.
They purchased the tool to have in their toolbox for their global product, SAP. If you think about it, all us freebie people are to them is a free source of beta testing.
Lots of us out there banging our heads against simple issues like a date picker, playing a video, a hamburger menu in a mobile app, or even just trying to get an app built into the stores. Look how many threads there are on this not working. We are helping them improve their product, while having lots of frustrations.

How many of us are coming here because we want to achieve something now? I doubt many of us are coming here because we want to invest time learning the tool, because it may be mature in one year. In fact, many threads on the forum are from over a year ago talking about things that would be coming, and they’re still not here.

SAP isn’t going away tomorrow. They don’t need to have a product built in 90 days (like some of us).
They’re playing the long game, and we’re coming here trying to get something done now. This is the disconnect.

If you’re just trying to do an MVP and then move onto real code or something else, then more power to you. It may work for you for that. But if you’re actually trying to do something for real, then does it really make business sense to bet your business on this tool? I don’t think so.
And that doesn’t change SAP’s position one bit !

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thanks for the review, yea appgyver isnt the best it seems, i cant even find a time picker in appgyver . but Appgyver is free so it might worth looking at it.

Seriously Appgyver sucks !!
Do fall in their free model thay are actually onboarding users as beta testers, after SAP was in the composer pro it became more worse.
My conclusion is that the peace of mind and effectiveness and support you get here on bubble is no where else. :sunglasses:

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