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Apple App Store user registration rejection

Hi. I have submitted my app to the Apple Store and it has been rejected because it has a registration form. Apparently “To resolve this issue, please remove features, account registration links, and any other links to your site that could indirectly provide access to external purchase mechanisms”

I do not understand how are we supposed to sign up users on our app if Apple won’t let us? How are we supposed to sign up users?!!! All of the apps information is user based. Is there any way only to have certain pages to feature in our App, so that users can sign up on the website side and then use the app as a user? I get the feeling that I would need to create TWO websites. One as the app and one as the registration / account side. Then I would need to configure a backend workflow API. Please tell me that this is not the only solution?

It’s currently wrapped with the BDK, who did an excellent job by the way.

I did some research, and apparently, apps should have free features with the OPTION to sign up if chosen to do so. The main purpose of my app is to have businesses create jobs and invite team members / staff to the app, so they can login and see their jobs, add job notes and photos. How would I go about this? If the user creates a team member to login, will it not be rejected again due to the fact that team members will need to login to complete a job?

I have used other apps that have similar features and they have a login feature for staff. I do not understand.

That’s unfortunate to hear. I don’t have experience with submitting to the app store so i can’t give u any advice on that other than to contact their support and plead your use case.

Otherwise you do have the option to have your service run as a webapp first then launch the app later.

Thank you :slight_smile: I have had to create a website via wix, pay for another domain, and basically have no links to registrations or plan names in my app. In wix I have made an embeded Iframe, which makes all the registrations and subscriptions through there. The Iframe has my app registration pages inside.

Simple…Just keep the app open (no login) for app store approvals, Once it got approved, put the login back

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, Apple is extremely frugal and every update that I do, Apple will probably review it. I had to set up another website through wix and have the visitors get redirected to my bubble app registration page when they click on join. The actual registration page is hidden and does not open any other way.

I’m having an app store approved app, submitted without any login or controls, Once it got approved, I put the login back. Bubble app got updated over a 100 times, No oversight by apple, as the app itself (Overlay) not getting updated, But the core app is always updated by bubble. Its simple as per my experience

thanks! I will try this :slight_smile: