Application limited for Google Map uploads

I am still trying to understand bubble… Struggling to create an Event Creation form which has an event location input with a google map.

Suddenly I receive an email from bubble saying that my application is now limited (which I don’t what it means) and the app starting behaving strangely… data not showing in the database as it used to… data disappearing…

Of course I am loading the app for previews… Well I deleted the Google map hoping that things will get back to normal… But now I am really doubtful of the whole platform because of course I will load the app several times when in development and to be punished by making the app start behaving strangely and not being able to continue working and testing.

My question will deleting the map make things go back to normal? Although the real question in my head is using bubble and investing all this time on it will eventually result in bubble stopping the application to behave normally at any time?

The limiting means that when using the map element, you can’t make as many calls to the Google maps API per day. Having built an app with a ton of maps, I can’t say I ever experienced a limiting on the map calls during testing and development. And I tested the heck out of the maps for months.

As for strange behavior, I don’t think it would related to map limiting, but I don’t know exactly how the map interacts with your data in your app.

It may be best to contact the bubble team for clarification.

You could also use your own maps API key. You will need to do this anyway once you go live.

Thank you very much for your reply… as it currently stands I don’t have anything connected to the map… it is only there as part of a form which still does not even save to a database. I just keep uploading for previewing and then I received the message from Bubble team about limiting my account and then everything went sideways with the application.

As for getting the API key… I am not encouraged yet as the Google Maps with Bubble does not have directions… at least this is what I know, experienced and what I have read in other threads. Which is in addition to this experience is adding another reason to rethink my relationship with Bubble. As a map without directions does not serve me at all.

If you know that it is possible to have the directions on the google map… that would be a great help to me, and in all cases I really thank you and highly appreciate your answer.

Cheers :slight_smile: