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Lock horizontal scrolling in RG

Hi is there a way to lock horizontal scrolling in a repeating group?



Do you mean to only show first few items, or to only show few rows but whole list?

Can you elaborate a bit? Thanks!

The app page is

When you open it in Safari and try to scroll vertical the RG then it’s all possible to float horizontally. This is what I try to lock. So that means that I want to scroll in RG only vertical.

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Hi again, sorry for being bit late here, few deadlines and other things come up in the startup world… :slight_smile:

Nice simple UI, loving it! However, still having hard time understand what is that you want here, or you have fixed the case in the meantime?

Ps. Have read somewhere, and what I use myself is 2d pie chart, rather 3d, as if you look the difference, 3d disturbs bit more of perception for a viewer, so it’s bit harder to read than the 2d.

Actually if you run the app (e.g. in Safari) and you try to scroll the Repeating Group it floats horizontally.
see please the video:


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Hi again,

Unfortunaly I don’t use Apple products, one of the biggest mistakes I have done in the earlier professional career, now in the startup world, don’t have stability yet to make the transition.

I think another community member might be more suitable for this case here, as I don’t see a video, and it’s hard to understand about the case here. Sorry!

Please check the link you shared, or if you changed something in the meantime, or if I am missing something here. Thanks!