Help! My app runs VERY SLOW (Will PAY for a Solution!)

I’ve been using bubble for the last 6 months to build a marketplace app. Now at the end of the process it seems my app has gotten very slow and sluggish.

Could I maybe have too many plugins? Or too many groups showing and hiding (instead of using pages)? Too many API requests?

For some reason (not sure if this is related) I’ve also been getting max capacity emails from bubble recently (I’m on a $69/month pro plan) and I don’t even hit 100 workflows a week.

I’m looking for someone experienced who can help me figure out why things are slow and what can be done to help remedy the situation and create a much better user experience.

In the server logs, do you get any information on what’s using the most resources?

t seems like 72% is on 3 specific API calls (depending on type of order - takeout, delivery, delivery using independent contractors). That’s if I’m reading the right section (a pie chart under usage).

By the way I was about to message you. When I logged into the forums I say your post which was responded to by 24hourdevs. I recently worked with them. Your site looks nice by the way.

Can I make 1 suggestion?
This sentence: “We designed, built, and maintain a solution that gives teachers what they need to help struggling readers.”

I think it should read this way:

We designed, built, and currently maintain a solution that gives teachers what they need to help struggling readers.

The pie chart is indeed what I was hoping would have information. What are the API calls doing? 72% of your usage would imply that those are the scary monsters impacting your capacity.

I’ll reply to your suggestion in a separate thread, so we don’t clutter up this one :slight_smile:

Well to start as I test to gear up to launch I’ve only doing certain workflows here and there. So when I test an order a few times in a row or make 5 in a short span I think I’m just getting an alert saying hey this is a lot higher than your averages – Or at least thats what I got from bubble support.

The API calls are working with twilio and stripe based on specific order conditions. The app I built (with help) is an on-demand platform for businesses, customers, and independent contractor drivers.

So some of the API calls are sending text messages when orders come in and some are working with stripe regarding payment info and payments.

But the API calls themselves still seem pretty thorough (although I don’t have the experience to talk).