Applying different custom state for each cell in RG

Hi Im new to Bubble and i need bubblers help!

Im building an app showing work flow so if i clicked a step, the status(complete, fail, in progress…) would change. To make a list I used repeating group and to change the status(color and text) i used custom state. The thing is that custom state is applied to every cell in repeating group. I want that status working at each cell separately. I attached the screenshot of the page and link of the app.
Thank you very much in advance!

If you group the items in the cell, you can apply a custom state to each group individually.

Sounds like you put the custom state on the repeating group element, but to have cell specific items you’ll want the custom state attached to an element that is inside the repeating row, like a text item.

Once you’ve done that and applied custom states to specific cells of an RG depending on the user’s actions on each cell, is there a way to reset all the states without refreshing entirely the page?

Thank you all for the guidance. i tried many ways following the guidance but i still have the same issue. Im really lost and stuck at this point. I attached app link below. Please check my logic and tell me where i made mistake. Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance again!!

I’m looking at the editor, but I don’t really understand how you want this to work. Could you provide a step by step explanation of what you would like to happen?

Okay. so if click the Equipment name like ESTC01-1, EBTC01… It generates pop up page showing the work steps like LK3_1, LK3_2… things like that. and then the status of step would be changed by clicking the step text box to complete, in progress, fail. what i want to build at the end is to show a progress bar for each equipment like how far the work has been done by counting the number of complete step and counting the total number of step. The issue im stuck is the step progress working together like i said above in the first question. if i completed first step of ESTC01-1, other first step of EBTC01-1 and EUTT01-1 were also done. i want them working separately for each equipment.

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