Appropriate Behaviors

Hello everyone,

Today I am creating this post because recently I received a message that was trying to attack me for my: appearance, mental health, and they tried to state that I have no friends and the people who do talk to me, know I have a disability and sympathize me. Whilst, I don’t feel hurt or affected by said message, I wanted to state, Bubble is suppose to be a place of supporting each other, helping each other, and just being friendly. I don’t understand where this person thought he/she had the right to message me what they did, but it’s totally not acceptable. I flagged the message, but I wanted to let everyone know, that sort of behavior isn’t acceptable, it’s rude and tells more about you then me.

Mental health isn’t a laughing matter or something that should be used against a person, I’m not going to let it get me, because I’m not a prisoner of my mental problems, and I am better then the person who messaged me, so I will not stoop to their level, I just wanted to make this post.


@GregoryKing Thanks for flagging the user, we have suspended them.


Sorry this happened to you. I’ve noticed the forum has become a bit feisty lately.

FWIW, I got a nastygram today from I’ve never noticed here before who mocked my app and posts. Flagged them, too, but they were already suspended, perhaps from you.

Possibly, but at least they have been suspended regardless.

Yes, thanks to bubble’s admin for their quick response!

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That is not 100% accurate I am afraid.

Someone must have had bad day and chose to project it on others. I also received an inappropriate message through one my template website contact form

As Bubble gets more popular more idiots will arrive. Side effects of growth :slight_smile:

Take comfort knowing that that kind of people would piss their pants if they dared to face the consequences of saying those things to someone in real life.


I got called a “cuckold” on one of my website’s feedback widgets.

Had to look it up, thought it was a bird :slight_smile:


Come on, at least let me have a little peace of mind. :laughing:


Clearly unacceptable, and not in the Bubble spirit of helping each other grow. Good on you to not let it affect you. Their behaviour is only a reflection of their own mental state which must be rather unhealthy too. Keep doing what you’re doing. xx