Approval system through different assigned users

Do you know how to create an approval system where more than 2 people (this varies depending on the company or area) have to approve something so that it can then be saved as approved?

Any link or video to understand how to do it would be very helpful.

It is not very hard to implement. You just need to keep track of the approvers and approved by of a document (if your things to approve are document for example). See the demo below:
It shows all documents on the right and the documents current user needs to approve on the left. Then, whenever, approved by the current user, see the changes happening. It is removed from the inbox and the lists of the documents are updated.

Here is the document data type:

And here is what happens if someone clicks approve button in their inbox:

The repeating group on the left is just showing the documents that needs to be approved by the current user:

And the other one just shows all documents.

Of course, you need to add pages where people create documents, assign approvers, etc.

Here is the full example if you want to check out yourself: Tests for Forum 10 | Bubble Editor

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@hergin Thank you very much for the help, I managed to implement it successfully in my particular case.

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@hergin Hello, by any chance do you have an email or how I can contact you, I speak Spanish so speaking by text is more convenient for me. It is to know if you are interested in building the assignment system that I need for my project