Multiple Approver in Bubble

Hello, is it possible to make two approver to approve a request in order to make the status Accepted. It must be both the approver to approve

You can do this in many ways. One way is:

  • Create two fields in the request data type called Approvers (list of Users) and Approved by (list of Users).
  • When an approver logs-in, show this request, let them approve and add the approver to the Approved by list.
  • Once, Approved by and Approvers have same people, change the status as Accepted.

This makes it possible for a request to be approved by even more than 2 people if wanted.

You can also do the same by using emails only as well, if you don’t want to assign User here and there.

is there any guidelines for using bubble app as i still new to this platform

Please check the academy: Academy | Bubble There are many useful starters in there. And there are many youtube videos, just search them.