Archive Button and Display Button with Month and Year

Hello, I don’t have much experience in Bubble and I need help. I have a page called “Draws,” on this page there is a group, and in this group is where I register the numbers that people choose. It includes the person’s name, the number the person chose (0-100), the cost, and the sale date. Here are the records in my database for “ChristmasDraw” - “drawDate” - ‘date,’ “customerNameChristmasDraw” - ‘CustomerRecords,’ “customerNumberChristmasDraw” - ‘number,’ and “priceChristmasDraw” - ‘number.’ Below are all the records. What I would like is when I click on “Archive,” the “Registered Numbers” records below disappear. Another button appears on the left side with the arrow pointing to the Month and Year. When I click on this button with the month and year, a popup opens with the records that disappeared, and these records are displayed in the popup.

You need to create a field “is_archived?” on your thing “ChristmasDraw”, which is type boolean, by default “false”.

Whenever the person clicks on “archive”, you “Modify a list of things”, which is the list of your ChristmasDraw. You edit these things and set “is_archived” to “true”.

Then you apply a fiew filters on your views and repeating groups. And you should be good.

Thank you, I’ll check how it looks and be back with a response.

I understand how to do it now. How do I make it so that when I click on ‘Arquivar,’ it creates a new button as shown in the image, and this button will have the month and year? And when I click on this button, the popup with the records for that month appears?

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