Capture/display DATE when text has been added to a list

I am learning Bubble by building a gig booking system.

When users apply to a Gig, they’re added to a list within the Data Type “Gig” called “gigApplicantInReview”.

When the organizer of a Gig approves a gigApplicant, the applicant is removed from list “gigApplicantInReview” and added to list “gigApplicantConfirmed”.

Is there a way to capture/display the DATE when a user has been added to any of the above lists (“gigApplicantInReview” / “gigApplicantConfirmed”?

Any help much appreciated.

Just checking in - I’m still learning Bubble and would really appreciate any of the more seasoned pros chiming in if they have any suggestions!

You can create a Workflow to Modify a thing and set a date field.
Depending of your setting, I think that you may set this to Current User thing.
But if a user can Apply on different gig, I think you need to review how you structure DB.
For example: Create an applicant DB that will have two fields: User and Date
Instead of Gig linked to User (GigApplicantReview/Confirmed) change theses field to be a list of Applicants.
When user Apply, Create a Thing Applicant, link to Current User and Set date and Update Thing Gig and Add Step 1 Created Applicant.
When Applicant is confirmed, Flow Will Update Gig, remove Applicant from “Review”, add it to “Confirmed” and Update Applicant date field to current date.

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Thank you so much! I had a feeling my DB could be structured better. I will try what you’ve suggested. Thanks again.

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