Are Standard Header and Footer useful?

I am brand new to Bubble and doing my best to learn while creating a very simple app and working my way through the manual and lessons.

I’ve read all of the manual or at least reviewed the chapter/section descriptions so I know where everything is when I’m ready to go back. So . . . I don’t know much, but I am doing my best to use the learning resources rather than just stumble through the learn-by-doing method.

BTW, I’ve had more than a couple of decades of relational database experience and Windows program development using Visual Basic. It is likely that I will stumble on terminology from time to time as bubble uses different terms for things I am familiar with.

Here’s my situation.

When I get into the heart of the app, it will be stone simple at first. It is just a grocery shopping app. One list of grocery items with a few fields to look in the right store and help identify the right item (brand and size, etc.). I envision a couple of “views”: a master list of all items we typically buy and a shopping list of items we’ve indicated we want to buy. When checked of the buy list, they disappear from that list but remain on the master list.

Simple enough, and I only provide the details to underscore how simple this is.

Here’s the thing: I want to have a real login process. In one of the video lessons (I think), I came across the reusable elements for header, footer and login/register. I played around with them out of the box and found some weird behavior, for instance, when logging in as a user that already has an account, the login popup remains on the screen and there is not apparent action performed. There are other odd behaviors I won’t bother to detail here.

In the header, I found that I can access and remove the bubble logo but can’t access the Log In and Sign Up buttons.

Should I just delete the built-in Header and create my own? Will I run into similar problems with the built-in Footer?

Does the built-in Sign up/Login popup work properly or should I delete it and build a new one?

Any help and insight will be appreciated.

I don’t use the built-in header or footer for anything, I usually ignore them, edit them until they’re unrecognizable, or just delete them. You can build your own and be fine.

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Thanks, Andrew. Not sure how to delete a reusable element yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.