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Are these possible in Bubble - calculating number of minutes spent in video chat?

Hello Bubblers,

I am a newbie in Bubble as I became so keen to learn it and build my own app in it.

The core of my app is linking expert and user through the app via video chat on demand and letting experts charge users for time spent (mostly in minutes not hours).

I am wondering if these features (linking parties in video chat and one party charging the other by minutes) are buildable in Bubble (I assume of course it is).

Any specific tech or plug-in or API to consider to implement those features?

Looking forward to advices and resources,

Thank you all.

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Hi @yj.johnrhee ! Welcome to Bubble. You can do this with the Daily video conferencing and chat plugin in Bubble. Here’s a how-to for integrating with Daily through the plugin. There’s a data call that comes with the plugin called meeting information and duration is a field so you’ll be able to know how much time in seconds a user spends on the call and then charge accordingly with Stripe!

Happy to jam on that if you try it out and need help with setup or answer any questions you have about using the plugin! Feel free to PM me if you’d like.


Thanks a million for help. I will try and PM you if I need some help.

Hi Lola

Does daily also have a clock/count-up element to show the duration as the call progresses?

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Thanks for reaching out @phrase9 It doesn’t currently have a call duration element but it’s something that we might add in the future!

Let us know if you add it. Its vital to my app function. When added I may move over to Daily.