[New Plugin] Daily - Add video or audio chat in minutes

Hey Bubblers,

We have published the daily.co video & audio plugin. You can add video or audio rooms with one action and provide your users with a good meeting experience.

How it works:

  1. Add API key
  2. Create a room
  3. Open room link and start chatting

Room features:

  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Chat
  • Share screen
  • Record

Use cases:

  • 1:1 or group calls
  • Customer support sessions
  • Webinars

Plugin page
Plugin demo page

Plugin Developed by I2B


Bought it recently. Really help me to setup video chat in minutes. Thumbs up!

Request : Can you expose the “fill in name to join meeting” workflow, or does daily.co has this API? I wish I can just my user’s Bubble name without having to input name for the meeting.

Hi! I work at Daily. Thanks so much for testing out this plugin and for using Daily.

This plugin uses Daily Prebuilt, our ready-to-use video chat. The username prompt you see is part of that Prebuilt prejoin interface. Under the hood, it uses the Daily API setUserName method.. I’m not too familiar with Bubble, but here’s how I think you could send the Bubble name instead:

  • Make sure you’re creating Daily rooms with enable_prejoin_ui set to false
  • Then, when a participant clicks to join a call, also call setUserName passing in their Bubble name (I imagine there might be a way to do this within Bubble, but I unfortunately haven’t tried this yet myself).

I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can answer any additional questions!


@faisalkarimstubapp Thanks for using the plugin. We’ll try to add the solution that was mentioned by @kimberlee and keep you posted.

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Can this plug-in record? Where is the data stored

Hi can I act on the audio of the single participants (like in Clubhouse)?

Yes, daily.co offers cloud recording on the Scale plan.

I believe you can with some coding skills check their post How to build a billion dollar audio app in a weekend

Hi! @trvry, how can I make video chat recordings automatically?

That is great solution to add video or audio chat in minutes. I will look into it.

https://nocodevideochat.com/ - DOESNT WORK

@epifanovartem My apologies for that. This plugin is depreciated. You can use the official plugin that was built by Daily.

Trying to get some help with implementing Daily audio in a game I’m creating: Daily - voice chat for online board game

What’s the problem? Author not found? Hmm. Wonder why?