Ability to integrate video chat and charge user per hour?

Before I start spending time building on bubble, I wanted to know if it’s possible to integrate a video chat function where either there’s a built in feature to bill the client, or reporting back of duration so that I can then automate billing with stripe or similar.

Would this require coding?


This is possible with this plugin yes:

It allows for peer to peer video chats and it has a duration capture element that captures as: HH:MM:SS which you can then use to charge users

Do look into AtomChat if you’re looking to integrate chat to your site. The plugin not only allows your users to chat, but also has monetization and moderation features in place for you to have control over the chat activities!

At 80 dollars a month for videochat abilities, Atomchat is not viable for someone who wants to build their own app.

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Its good etiquette after someone takes the time to respond to your query to acknowledge their response

Hey @phrase9 I understand the pricing drawback, but there are coupon codes and discounts available on the website! They also offer a 14 day free trial for any plan, so that you can figure out ,if it really stands true to its word :slight_smile: