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Are we only allowed to use the "Send email" feature on "Sign up the user" one time with one account?

I’m currently testing the user signup function with “Sign the user up” event and “Send an email to confirm the email” feature.

Are we only allowed to use the “Send email” feature one time with one account? Bubble sent me a confirmation email for the first time but never received it even after erasing the account from my DB.

How can we test with this feature especially if you have some triggering events after redirected from the confirmation?

Just discovered that If you give it time bubble will start sending an email again.

Annoying for a testing environment but necessary requirement for the security?

I do this all the time and don’t see any delays. Do you have your Sendgrid account connected to the Bubble app?

No I do not use Sendgrid

I also realized it happens only with HOTMAIL account, so avoid using them for a test