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Send confirmation email not sending

Hi All,

This stopped working when I realized my test users were able to login to my app without, first, confirming the email link they were being sent. email confirmed needs to be “yes.” I tweaked something? now the emails aren’t going out at all? What am I doing wrong ???

Zeroquode tutorial covers ‘basic’ login/signup configs and only eludes to a ‘future’ tutorial regarding send-confirmation-email, but that maybe doesn’t exist yet?

I know the email addresses being used are valid and aren’t going to junkmail. They just don’t seem to be getting generated by this workflow?

Hey there @ericm,

Have you checked your spam? Promotions? Bubble sends their emails with Sendgrid and there tends to be an issue with deliverability.

I’m working with a Hotmail account user, at the moment. They’ve checked their junkmail and nothing. I keep making changes to the workflow and nothing seems to trigger the ‘send email confirmation.’

Would Step 1. Create a new Account be messing things up? I’m seeing everything track into data so it’s capturing everything I need. Just not generating that email.

@ericm as far as i know, SendGrid have some issues with Hotmail. Did u tried with another provider??

+1 with @rpetribu, there is an issue with Sendgrid delivering to Microsoft Mail Servers including Hotmail and Outlook.

Bubble does not automatically block login for unconfirmed emails. You will need to add a check on page load (current user’s confirm email = no) to take action to either divert the unconfirmed user to a different page, or not load data if the confirm email field is no. You can also use privacy rules to prevent unconfirmed users from viewing data.

Bubble internally uses SendGrid (unless you set up a different email service) to send emails, which typically get blocked by Hotmail, Yahoo, Live, Outlook, etc.

Thanks guys… I think that’s the issue. Hotmail and Yahoo worked, when tested. Yet, Live and Outlook did not. Thinking, at signup, I could instruct users with Live/outlook emails etc to allow emails from or some such thing?

How have others worked around this?

Unfortunately, emails from SendGrid are not sent to spam, such that the users can mark them “not spam” or otherwise allow them. Instead, those emails simply are not precessed by certain email providers. I suspect allowing emails from your domain or Bubble will also not help, because these emails are associated with SendMark IP groups, and those IP groups are flagged (not just the sending domain).

The only solution I could find was to change email providers (for example, PostMark for transactional emails). Another solution, if you want to stick with SendGrid, is to get a dedicated IP from SendGrid. That can be pretty expensive.

Changing email providers is not really difficult. For PostMark, there are free Bubble plugins that let you send PostMark emails using a workflow action very similar to the native send email workflow.

So very frustrating… Let’s review. Bubble simply, no way no how, is going send a confirmation to my users with Outlook, Live, Hotmail, Yahoo extensions? What am I supposed to do?

Don’t use Bubble’s native “Confirmation e-mail”. Do by yourself, sending any parameter via e-mail (like user uniq id) to check if the user clicked the link sent by you!

Thats what I do. I am using Sendinblue to send all my e-mails…

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It looks complex but it’s simple: whenever you will run any workflow action that will cause Bubble to send an email, replace that action with a workflow action that sends email through your email provider’s Bubble plugin (or API call).

One obvious replacement is not to use the native Bubble “send email” workflow, but instead use your email provider’s plugin’s send email workflow.

Not so obvious is that you will also need to replace the native Bubble email verification, password reset, etc workflows with your own workflow actions, because those native workflows also will be sent via SendGrid otherwise.

For example, when using the password reset workflow of Bubble, check the checkbox “Just make token, don’t send email”. That will generate the token, but not send the SendGrid email. Then use the generated token to create a link and send that link using your email provider’s plugin’s send email workflow.

For email verification, I just create a random 6-character alphanumeric code using Bubble, and send that code using my email provider’s send email workflow. I have a form where the user has to enter the code. You can use some similar logic to create and send a link if you like.

Thanks for all the feedback, in particular @deadpoetnsp & @rpetribu. I’m nontechnical so I keep walking - face first - into these invisible glass walls. I really appreciate the guidance here. I’ll start moving in this direction. Thank again!