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Article Schema Generator

Hello all!
I’m working on this tool for 2 weeks & now it’s created.
You can use it & tell me about their working & any bugs if found.
please give some suggestions on this tool.
I completed this work in 2 weeks.

Thanks for sharing, Kerry.

Help me understand how I use this. This purely an SEO tool for blogs and articles, correct? How do I fill it in? I put in the input fields the name of my Bubble app’s database? Is it just copy-paste the field names? What if I don’t have some of the fields your tool is looking for? Is the guidance that I should create those fields?

At the end of it all, I should copy-paste the results on the right and put them on my Bubble page’s header?

Hello Rico,
You can use it simply by filling these all fields.
If you creating a schema then you have all the field names & you can put them as you won’t like your name as an author & if you can’t understand then you contact me through the website.
We are always there for helping.

I’ve integrated the article schema into an SEO friendly blog template for Bubble. Feel free to take a look: