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As I use a page on my app, performance drops significantly. Caching issue?

When I load one of the pages of my app it performs very well. That said, after executing just a couple interactions, performance drops SIGNIFICANTLY, and very quickly, the app becomes un-usable.

You can check it out on this page: Takeside NBA Trends

  • If you go the the ‘Player Trends’ Section and add a few players then delete them then add some, the entire page just turns to molasses. Please let me know if anyone has a solution.

You seem to have a lot of plugins that are having errors. I’d try disabling plugins one at a time, to see if any plugin was a particular problem.

Also running optimize also detects unused plugins. I think it was @marksrunge who reported having a lot of performance improvements by getting rid of unnecessary plugins.

Heapanalytics looks like a good one to start with removing to see if it helps.

I have cleaned out all of my unused plugins and The app may have even gotten slower… lol. Im stuck here.

I am fairly positive it has something to do with the way bubble is caching the page data / API calls. Know any performance improvements I could make around that?

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