As of this week, one workflow element began triggering others with no development changes

Hi Bubblers. Curious if anyone else experienced something similar and perhaps fixed. Despite making no development changes this week at all to my app, it began behaving differently. I have a calendar view in my app. In each date of the calendar are database entries with checkboxes next to the title. It used to be I could check and uncheck the box, and that was all I needed it to do. Now checking/unchecking the box is triggering the workflows for the broader calendar date element that the checkbox appears in.

I reviewed the workflows/conditions around this and it seems to still be setup correctly, so I can’t identify what is triggering this. Thank you.

As to your specific issue, that is strange. Possibly bubble updates or plugin updates could have affected it. A plugin update (rich text editor) once reset the display sizes. Seems worth reviewing the custom events and backend triggers in the group of functionality.

Not directly related but I have an issue with a list of checkboxes in a repeating group. The first one appears checked even though the logic would indicate that it shouldn’t be. This has been confirmed in the database and there isn’t a lot of code surrounding this event to debug. I have looked into it several times and been baffled as to why this is happening. In my case, the odd part is that if there was a flaw in the logic… how could it only affect the first item in a repeating group and not all of them?

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