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Checkboxes in repeating group (without two workflows)

I am building a page that has a bunch of repeating groups and each of them has a checkbox in it. I have built out the functionality the standard way with two workflows (one for when the tickbox is unchecked and one for when it is checked) just like this:

Given I have so many repeating groups, I would love to be able to do this in just one workflow as my workflows tab is quickly getting unwieldy. I’ve tried looking this up but all the forum posts on this topic suggest it be done with two workflows.

Anyone have a clever workaround?


Probably there are various solutions, but one is to trigger a custom event from various workflows in your app (custom events are the way to reuse logic in Bubble). Add an action to the workflow triggered by the blue event in your screenshot:

You create a custom event like this:

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Not quite sure what do you want to achieve. Can’t you have one workflow with conditional actions inside like do something when IonicCheckbox is checked and another do something when it’s not?

Hey @paul29

Despite having many repeating groups, why don’t you just make the checkbox a reusable element and have just two workflows but have many actions with conditions?

just a suggestion that might help.

Thanks for your reply.
So I should have specified in my question that I want to do this with custom states. Having the tick box directly change the database has a small lag and I am creating a game that requires essentially no lag time. I’m very familiar with custom events. The problem is that bubble doesn’t allow you to dynamically choose which element you are changing the custom state of, so if I were to use custom events, I’d end up having just as many workflows as before.

Wow. I was being dumb. I thought about this route and decided it didn’t work because I was thinking back to a time I did something similar but I now realize it wasn’t quite the same. The previous time was doing something along the lines of checking whether the checkbox was checked and then turning an associated custom state off. The next action did the opposite but because actions within a workflow run asychronously (chronologically one after the other), by the time the first action completed, the state had been flipped and now the conditional of the second action was now also true, meaning both actions ran.

Clearly, this use case is different and I was overthinking it. Thanks for making me realize how much I was overthinking it.

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I actually prefer this way instead of Ionic/Standard checkboxes. In this case “CustomElement.value = CustomElement.value is no” will toggle the state

I’m aware of that little trick. Went over a year with two actions then finally looked through the forum to come across that little gem.

Thanks again for your help.

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@paul29, did you consider storing stuff in local storage, Keith will release(or already has released) a new plugin Floppy which might be useful.

That looks super interesting. Thanks for the heads up.