Assigning a "creator" to a thing

I’ve set up a workflow where site visitors can create an account simply by entering their email address. At the same time, a thing is created (a “saved cash back offer”). Later, when they sign into the app with the temporary supplied temporary password, I want them to see the thing (“saved cash back offer”) in a repeating group.

The trouble is that one of the do a search for constraint needs to be “created by = current user”, however in this case the thing had no creator. Is there a way to manually assign a creator when the thing was created in the first place? Are there other ways to do this? Thanks

how exaclty does this work? is an account not created in the first place? didn’t really undestand how this works

The current workflow is:

  1. Create an account for someone else
  2. Assign temp password to user
  3. Send email (which contains temp password)
  4. Create a new saved offer (the thing)

The challenge is that the new saved offer (the thing) doesn’t seem to have a creator - it’s blank. This becomes a problem later on when we do a search for this offer with the constraint Created by = current user

Can you add a User data field to the saved offer data type, assign it in step 4 and later reference the constraint with User = current user?


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Why not, when the user changes the temporary password and you then log them in, create a workflow event after that which will create the saved cash back offer…that way it will be created by that user

This would actually be referencing the current user, which is the user who is creating the account for somebody else in step 1…it would work but I believe if the user data field should reference the user created in step 1


This worked perfectly, I just needed to change my do a search for to user = current user in my repeating group. Thanks!

Thanks for spelling this out in detail for me, simple solution and solves my issue.