Attach app to company domain

Hello everyone, I’d like my app to be a part of my website so basically I want to have a place where office employees, field employees, customers can go directly to my website and just click a login link and it sends them to my app which is still part of my domain and original website. I’d also like to create sub apps for clients in the future that are doing the same thing while he’s still using my app. Is this possible? If so can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you very much.

From sub-app , you can have a link to your main website so that the users can be re-directed to your website.

Hi @reachvijayk79, how are you?

You can have it setup like this

Your website -

Platform -

And link them both through a click of a button

Thanks Good.
Yes you can create a button assign a workflow to redirect to an internal website.

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