Point www.example.com to Bubble app page www.myapp.com/profile

Hello Bubble community!

Is it possible to have this setup, where we could type into the browser www.example.com, the page content that is loaded would be from www.myapp.com/profile, but in the URL bar of the browser you would still see www.example.com? (This would be a 1-page website, I realise it wouldn’t be possible with multiple pages)

Use Case:
I’m building an app where users have profiles that they will promote themselves, and it would be a huge advantage if users could “make their profile their website”, so they could choose/buy their own domain name, but use my app as their website content.

Sub-apps is not a good solution for me here because I’d have e.g. 50% users who are fine with using the URL www.myapp.com/profile and 50% of users who would want their own custom domain name URL. I believe you’d have to operate 2 separate Bubble apps, one for sub-apps, one for not, it would be really messy. Plus sub-app structure is expensive when Im only trying to achieve a URL change.

I hope there is an elegant solution to this!

Thank you all so much,


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I agree, it would be nice to accomplish this without creating sub apps.

It seems no one has an answer :confused:

Hopefully the Bubble team has considered this for their feature roadmap