Attempting to recreate "Saving and Modifying data" tutorial


I am a brand new user so apologies for all my beginner lingo.

I have successfully completed the “Saving and Modifying Data Tutorial” several times, but when trying to apply it to a real blank sheet it is not working.

The problem: the icon is not “voting up” as in, I can enter the City Names, they appear in a repeated list, but there it is not keeping track of how many votes there are.

I’ve noticed a difference between the tutorial and the blank sheet. When following along with the tutorial, in “Workflow” on Step 1 I am supposed to create a “Name” field as my first action. In the list of “insert dynamic data” on the tutorial, the option “Input City” is available when clicking after the equals sign.

However, on my live version, the words typed into the placeholder appear instead. So when I should see “Input City” I see, “Input Type City’s Name Here…”

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to be able to fix this problem.

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