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Can't recreate things from learning lessons[SOLVED]

I may have missed a button somewhere or whatnot but my problem is when I tried to recreate 3d lesson (the one with cities and votes) in my project I understood that I dont have some fields like I can’t simply change the color of the icon without messing with styles and I can’t make a button to get data from the input field because there is just no such choice in workflow. Following lesson step-by-step doesn’t help. What am I doing wrong?

P. S. Sorry if mistakes, Russian :wink:

Which part can’t you accurately reproduce? I’ve only couple of days ago used it thrice myself - so it can be painful at times, but I would be happy to help, if you can let me know exactly which part you fail on.

Let’s start with an icon. When I create the icon in tutorial it lets me change its color right to the choosing the picture of the icon (heart, flag, etc). When I create the icon in my project the color menu doesn’t appear at all. Don’t have access to computer right now I guess I will update my post with comparison screenshots later.

I had the same problem too :slightly_smiling: goes to styling, and click the blank option and ready, all the options are available.


@scobs I think @csfalcao has a solution to your issue?

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Thanks! It’s so simple lol. And the other thing I was talking about just started working on itself!

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yeah. added [solved] to the title.

It’s simple but its not explained in the first tutorial. I took a lot of clicking to find out