How to make changes on step 2 (workflow)

Hi guys… i’m a rookie…

I made it this far.

In this step… first “click” (selected a data type) “contas”. I want to do changes… when the user click on button to create a new “conta”. So … after fisrt “click”, i couldn’t insert “add”… because “=” is there (automatically).
i want: contas / add / results of step 1 (create a new conta);
no: contas / = / results of step 1 (create a new conta).
Please … in the tutorials … they did it… and i don’t! ( i don’t know if it are the same version!)
I’ve spent more than 14 hours trying to figure out why my program doesn’t let me choose “ADD”

help me…

Leandro / São Paulo - Brasil

Hi there, @carlovich… you don’t have the add option because your contas field is not a list field. A different set of options (including add) are given for list fields, and because you are only seeing the equals sign, it means the field can only have one value. If you want the contas field to be a list field, you will have to delete that field and create a new one that is a list because you can’t change a field to a list after it has been created. To make a field a list, there is a checkbox you need to check when you create the field.


Hope this helps.


Ok… i got it!..

But in the tutorial the autor teaches that: “data types” : “conta”… contains these fields: “4 digitos” “bancos” (type “texto”)and “contas” type “contas”)… he doesn’t select multiple entries!!!

I’m so tired! kkkk i will returne to VBA!!! hahahaha


What tutorial are you doing? Also, what does the Carteira data type look like?

Conta = Account
Carteira = Groups like (My company / Private / Beach house / Son 1 / etc)
Text that user will choose into the “conta”
this is de app i’m creating:

uhuuuuuuu!!! tks …now it’s ok!.. but it is diferent what the “live” on youtube made!!!
but now i can go on … tkg again.

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