Attention Plugin Builders: State Initialization Routines are Broken

See: Bubble Plugin Editor is Broken... Not just crappy, but broken... State Initialization routines are not being called

And also: New Free Plugin: Browser Timezone and Locale

Thanks to Bubblers @julienallard1 and @rio for tipping me off to this, but note that this issue likely affects many simple Bubble plugins that rely on state initialization routines. They are bugged right now and seemingly have been for some time.


would this cause existing plugins to not function properly?

I have been experiencing very strange behaviors over the last several hours, specifically when using the croppie plugin…had everything working, then testing again and things are very off.

Yes it affects all plugins that use the State Initialization features of the plugin editor.

(State Initialization functions can be used to assign an initial value to the outputs of a plugin element. Many simple plugins do nothing more than this – for example, my Browser Timezone and Locale plugin (which I’ve fixed with a workaround).)

At a minimum, any plugin that uses those functions will be reporting incorrect values for their initial exposed states as the wrong code is being run. If important things are happening in those functions that the plugin later relies on, the plugin will be broken even more.

ALL plugins that use State Init routines are affected AFAICT.