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NEW PLUGIN 🥳 Smaal Tags by

Hey everyone!

We just launched our first plugin called Smaal Tags.

In nearly every project we end up with a reason to use a list of dynamic tags. And after building it so many times we decided to offer it as a plugin (paid).

This plugin is unique because it allows you to add an image to the tag alongside the dynamic text. This has been helpful for a few projects so far, and we’re already finding some awesome use-cases for it!

Lots of options already:

-Choose a list of tags, or reference just one item
-Sizing, padding, margin, borders, corner radius, and more for the Text & Images
-Move the image to the right side when needed
-Flexibility over the tags background, hover, and selected colors
-Left, center, or right-align the tags in their container (great for very specific designs)
-Enable wrapping or leave as horizontally scrolling once the container becomes too small
-AND actions! Turn multi-select on/off, and run actions when someone selects a specific tag or a list of tags. Or run an action when a tag is un-selected.

Here is a preview link:

Editor link:

If anyone has any feedback or feature requests let me know!


Can you change Editor settings to “Everyone can view”? I am not able to view the editor right now.

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Sorry about that! updated to be able to view :slight_smile:

Hi @joe5,

Good job on the plugin!

Can you let me know what advantages there are of using your plugin versus doing it using a repeater group and building it that way?

I’m fairly new to so appreciate the insight :slight_smile:

  • Ash :bearded_person:t4:


Yes this plugin allows the use of dynamic-width text tags actually. With repeating groups you can’t make a dynamic-width text box.

Plus, with this plugin you can ALSO add an icon to that tag. Check out that preview link to see some examples of the use-cases.

If you’re new, might be worth trying to build the same with a repeating group just to get a feel for the wall you’ll hit!

Ah, missed the part about Dynamic Width, brilliant plugin. I tried to recreate something similar recently where the input box width would increase as I typed, couldn’t manage it for the life of me.

Make “dynamic width rich text” your second Plugin and I’ll be the first to purchase it!

I have a use case for this plugin so I’ll purchase shortly.


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I can use the horizontal tags as quick replies and show a popus with dynamic content?

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This is awesome, just in time for an app I’m developing

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Yes! You could use these for quick replies and trigger a popup to use that specific replies data type/text/etc :v:

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Awesome! Let me know if you need any help

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Was just wondering how small the tags can be? I’m looking to add them inside a profile card that contain project details at around 13px, they should resemble buttons.

Screenshot - 2020-12-23T192258.630

As small as you’d like! We give you full flexibility over size of the icon, size of the text, padding/margins/borders

Play around and let me know if you can’t get the result you need :v:

I’ll be sure to add sample sizes on the preview page for our plugin thanks to you wondering about this.


Can you perhaps add Events as well? That would be awesome. States are fine, but not always a great way to listen to changes.

Send me a message once that’s done and I’ll purchase at once :smiley:

If you mean actions, they’re already available :grin:

Selected and last un-selected

That’s cool, what I’m actually referring to is Events, this works similar to states, but it allows to execute the workflow directly by watching for changes on the Plugin.

Hope you can dive into this one. If not, no worries.

There are 2 events available (clicked tag and last un-selected tag) that are available to trigger actions. :grin: Sorry if I misunderstood originally!

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Will these tags go to next line without getting cut off if the space is not enough in the same row

Yes! It includes a setting to wrap the list of tags to the next line if you want.

You can also leave that un-checked and the group will become horizontally scrolling when the group is too small. :+1:


That’s awesome! I was looking for just that. Please tell me it also opens a custom link for each tag

Well it’d be whatever link you set for that data type.

So you’d want to have a list of items, and add a custom link field to that thing.

Use the event for when a tag is clicked, and run a workflow to open an external link and use that item’s custom link.

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