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Auto-binding and Workflow Budget

I had a look, but not able to find anything that relates to this.

Does Auto-binding come for free? i.e. it does not count towards your workflow count.

As I understand it, workflow counts are triggered on a write to the database, but auto-binding does not use the workflow engine. So If I autobind 5 form values on a page to the underlying thing and change them each in turn, does that count as 5 workflow triggers or 0. If I was to trigger a workflow with a button and update the thing with the 5 values it would count as 1 run.

Looking for some clarity. Thanks.

My understanding is that it costs 0 workflows. Fairly certain (but not 100%). Believe I saw this in the documentation at some point.

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That’s correct.


Thanks. Will may be have to re-think some of my data entry then!