Workflow runs - paid plans

in the FAQs it says that only those workflow runs are counted when some change in database is performed.
My question is, what if we run 1 workflow where a list of 50 database entries is added/modified in one run - would that be counted as 50 workflows or 1 workflow?


Good question. I’ve been watching my logs on one of the apps (in development mode) where my workflows jumped from 24 to 168 yesterday. I have made 168 data entries in workflows but I might have done it where data fields have been populated and saved.

It is as it says in the FAQ’s. The workflow quantity only goes up when a workflow contains data aspects. I.e if create a new Company has several inputs that saves data in the same run then it’s only one workflow.

In the picture below:
Sign user up is data and counts as workflow
Create new company is data related and counts as one workflow, etc.
Scroll to top of page has no data and does not count as a workflow.

My total workflow only went up by 6 workflows when I ran this

yeah, but what if your workflow makes changes to a list of things instead of creating one? For example it will create 50 users in one shot?

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How do you want to create the 50 users at one time?

ok maybe creating a list of things is not possible, but changing a list of thing is. So if i update 50 rows of information at once, how would that be counted? one workflow or 50?

As I understand it and as I saw with my own workflows:

  1. Separate workflows:
    (a) Make changes to company > company name - counts as a workflow
    (b) Make changes to company > telephone number - counts as a workflow

  2. One workflow:
    (a) Make changes to company > company name & telephone number - counts as one workflow

  3. Workflow for updating several companies in one run:
    (a) Update company A > company name & telephone number - count as one workflow
    (b) Update company B > company name & telephone number - count as one workflow

Maybe it will be best to get some input from the Bubble team

It would be one workflow run

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Thanks, it’s a plenty of resources!

Another related question - how is “do a search for” cost in workflows?

Search for isn’t a workflow, so it doesn’t count. Really, this concept is simpler than you think :slight_smile:

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Not sure if my question fits in this thread, but do work flow runs count against work flow runs made during development (in other words, simply by previewing the development?) In essence, would my preview mode work flows count against the plan’s allocated monthly runs?



Touche! I was just concerned because I seriously preview my app ALOT!!! hah

Don’t worry, users always think they’re going to hit the 10k or 100k limit quickly, but it takes quite some traffic to get there :slight_smile:


This helped

To put differently:


CUD operations go against the count … Read does not?

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Does “set state” of an element considered a workflow run?
Does it considered “data” changing?


No, it’s free.

Thanks man!

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i have a set state every 60 seconds (every minute) in my workflow, would that count as a workflow run, so if there are 1440 minutes in day, that would be 1440 workflow runs?