Auto-binding image uploader

Hello everyone,

when i put an image on picture uploader I want to save it.
But after refresh a website that image disapper.
What am I doing wrong?

Picture Uploader doesn’t have an initial value. So it won’t keep the state of the picture in it.

You should have a regular Image element that displays the picture of the parent element’s image.

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but I have look:

Also, be careful with your privacy rules. I guess you temporarily checked all checkboxes of the default permissions to check your functionality. However, your first privacy rule will also always default to true. You’re probably looking for This User is Current User

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It won’t be picture uploader's value as dynamic image. It will be parent's element's scan01.01 (or whatever the name of the picture).

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Current User is Current User is ok?

ahh Idk how to do it :frowning: