How to have user upload and save profile image

Hello, I have read many forums but nothing is working, when i refresh the page the uploaded image disappears immediately. This is what I have so far.

I guess I understood the problem wrong. But I still keep my original answer below in case one might want to use it :slight_smile:

Original answer:
Because a picture uploader is different than an image element.

You use picture uploader to set the field in the database (uploading the picture), then to display it, you need to use image element. It is like the difference between text and input elements.

But these are basic development information. You should probably complete a few tutorials before going any further. Otherwise, you might have big troubles awaiting.

This is on how to use picture uploader: How to Use the Picture Uploader Element | Bubble and this is to use image:

In fact the image is uploaded to your file storage. And lives there as an orphan file
I guess what you miss is an action where you assign uploaded image (= picture uploader value) to a user.

p.s. my bad, didn’t pay attention to auto-binding enabled

I can probably guess what you’re doing wrong here… but what is the Parent Group’s User?