Auto Binding Issues with Data Source

Hi everyone,
I am new to Bubble here. :slight_smile: Learning from many of you in this Forum, but I cannot find an answer to this problem I am facing.

I am using Auto Binding to update the User Profile information.

In my App, I have 2 types of users with some standard fields and some unique fields.

I have created 3 data types:

  1. User (with standard fields)
  2. Client (with unique fields for this User)
  3. Customer (with unique fields for this User)

I have created a Profile page to update that info as you can see in the image below:

On the left side, I have grouped the various Inputs all together and set up the group as below:
Type of Content → User
Data Source → Current User.
This works well.

On the right side instead, the Inputs are related to another Data Type Client. When I try to set the Group to Auto Binding, I have an issue.
Type of Content → Client
Data Source → I cannot find the right Data Source in the dropdown. (see image below)

If I choose Current User, it does not work since the data are different types.
If I choose Parent’s Group’s Client, it does not give me error, but it does not save anything.

Any suggestion? I am sure I am doing something wrong.

Thank you.

You probably need to set privacy issues on client to allow auto binding.

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Thanks @glyons for suggesting that. I have set that already. I guess it is some other issue.

How do you set the parent group client data source?

That’s the problem @Jici , I do not know how to set it up. For the User/Current User is easy, but for all other Type of Content, I am not sure how to set up the Data Source.

Could you help me out? What info do you need from me?

The parent group settings. actually, you don’t show us the top level group.