Problem with saving data and auto-binding

I have been making a calculator/converter to find the basic carbon footprint of certain materials using expressions and i want the user to be able to save their inputted data so that when they come back to the page it is still there.
Preferably, I would like to be able to have the data automatically save when inputted into each input box rather than having to click a button to do so, and i think the best way to do this is auto-binding.
Here is what my page looks like

When i search for other instances of how to do this they are all to do with changing the user data, however i am not looking to change the user data. So therefore, i presumed i needed to create another data type. However, I am not sure if i have set up the data type correctly and the fields within it - i have created a field in the data type for each input box on my page. Secondly, i would also like to know once successfully setting up the data type and fields and setting up the privacy data rules, how do i link these fields to the different input boxes in my group on my page.

Here is my data page:

Here is my privacy page:

Here is one of my input boxes for an example:

And here is my group:

I am very new to bubble so would appreciate any help possible.


You may be new to Bubble, but you clearly understand it! This set up looks nearly perfect.

The only thing I would make sure of is that your group “2018 options” has a populated data source. Right now you have the type of content set to “2018 data” but the data source is empty, which means that when the inputs inside of it autobind, they do not have a selected record to autobind to and so nothing will happen.

Generally, this data source can be populated with either “current page 2018 data” (if you are sending data to the page) OR “do a search for 2018 data -> [some constraints that find the record you need] -> :first item

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Hi Sam, thanks for the reply! And reassuring to know the set up looks okay.
Yes i didn’t know what to put for the data source.
“current page 2018 data” isn’t an option. i only have “current user”, “do a search for”, “get an option”, “get data from an external API” and “calculate formula”. And if i choose “do a search for 2018 data” i can only select individual data fields whereas i want the data source to be all the fields in my group instead of just choosing one. Is there a way to do this or a way for me to get the option “current page 2018 data” as that would be ideal.

Hi, couple things…

In order for this option to appear, you need to set the data type of the page as “2018 data” in the page’s settings.

You’re confusing the search process with the results. If you set the group’s thing (“thing” being Bubble-speak for an entry in the database) via the do a search for option, then you are searching for a specific entry. To search for a specific entry, you are searching based on one or more fields. But though you are searching based on fields, the resulting entry will be assigned to the group, and within that group you can access any fields from that entry.

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