Auto-binding not working when workflow creates a new thing

Hi everyone,

I’m having a bit of trouble using auto-binding on newly created things. I’ve done a search in the forum for similar issues and haven’t quite found the problem I’m running into.

A brief overview of the expected functionality:

  • The user can select a combination of user (table A) and measure (table B) from a dropdown
  • There is a group that has a data source that then references another table, which finds the first item that matches the selected user and measure (there can only be one record in table C with a particular user and measure combination)
  • The front-end fields in the group use auto-binding, so for existing records the existing values are pulled into the fields and are editable
  • For new records (i.e. where there is no record in table C with the user/measure combination), the record should be automatically created and auto-binding should work without refreshing the page

Almost everything above is working well, except for the scenario where new records are created. I’ve got this to work except for when the user edits the newly created record immediately after it is being created - under these circumstances, the edits are not saved. If the user navigates to another page in the application and comes back to edit that record, the updates save.

The workflow that seems to be failing fires when the user changes the measure:

  1. A new record is being created only when one doesn’t already exist
  2. The group that contains all of the editable auto-binding fields is reset

I know that 1 is working, because when I select a new combination I can see the new record being created in real-time in the database and the edits/auto-binding work when I go to a different page and come back. 2 seems to be failing though - I had hoped that the reset action would force the group data source to update, and given the record now exists it would know what to auto-bind to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For anybody that may run into this in the future, I found a way to fix in. The action was Element Actions -> ‘Display Data’. I run this workflow after I’ve created the new record and it updates the source to the newly created record.

For a more comprehensive overview see (this is for repeating groups, but the same can be applied to a group).


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