Auto-Complete Input Data based off Repeating Group Data

This should be a good one.

When user clicks on a repeating group’s text data, It should auto fill the search input with the text data from the repeating groups line they clicked on.

It would help if you can post a link to a test version of your functionality to see how you’ve set up the workflows thusfar. Easier to help with context!

Its something I am not finding at all in the workflow.

Do you have any workflow related to the repeating list and the input?

Hi @doug_pinder, you should create a custom state for that page, call it say, ‘Search’, and this state should be of type text. When you click on the RG text, run a workflow to set the set state. Set The value of ‘Search’ to ‘current cell’s text’.
Now to display this value in the search box, searchbox’s initial value should be the value of the state you just set. This should work.

I cant get it to work, i think because the RG data is a google place and not a database search.

i made a blank app just for testing if you could show me i would appreciate it greatly.

Done, Clicking the RG text autocompletes the search input. Just check the workflows. Hope it helps.

Your amazing. Thank you so so much.

I wont even mention how many hours I wasted not figuring that out on my own… >.<

Would it be possible to also show the address?

The reason for this is when a user searches for say… wendys and there is multiple locations, when the user clicks on the RG text it will autofill the input that now tells the map to target that single locations marker

A min

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