Autocomplete search using repeating group

Hi I can’t find any solid forums on this other than suggesting me to use a search bar.

I want an input bar that can autocomplete based on the term clicked. So far I’ve spent the entire day and haven’t made much progress. !

Right now whenever I click nothing happens. I’m using a group focus, repeating group, group with image and text. I want a more advanced search bar basically… Why can’t I simply say bubble “fill this input with this repeating group data” bubble frustrating me today.

is this possible? I am currently trying with states but it isn’t going too well.

Please help! Thanks in advance

Did you use bubble search box element?

e.g this is what i have

hi Anwar thanks for your speedy answer but I did not use a search bar as I want my options to also show images. I just got around it using this.