Auto generate subdomains and add the option for add custom domain in app

Hello fellows, how are you? I hope well.

I recently took the initiative to start a large startup using Bubble, I even signed a contract with 5 programmers to close nocode to be able to help the project.

The project is similar to SHOPIFY.

And the problem we encountered was the issue of subdomains and custom domains. After a lot of research that this medium would be viable only using the Bubble PRODUCTION version, right?

Which would be unfeasible, because there are several applications in a multi-tenant network.

However, my question is: Is it possible or is there a plugin that can put the customer in the form or name of his store, for example “loja1”, a subdomain is automatically generated and within the platform he can place a custom domain of the business his? Example:

Would it be possible to do this in Bubble? I checked with cloudflare, but no answers…

There are two plugins that provide this kind of functionality but not ideal imho. SaasAlias & Their Label. Both use iframe embedding to achieve white labeling of sorts.

SaaSAlias is a little more complex to set up but also provides more options. I’m not affiliated with either, but I also needed this functionality and tested both.

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Which one did you prefer?

I need you to apply an automatic SSL too…