Auto-generate Table of Contents

Is it possible to auto-generate a TOC for a post using the header styles applied? I’m wanting to easily give readers the ability to jump to different points in the post.

Do you mean the Header Tags of a Text Element?

You could definitely get creative with adding complex features like that to a blog post.

I built a very powerful blog builder with SEO benefits

It has a lot of complex features, but not that one. The reason being is I wanted to with the blog builder portion give complete control to the blog admin when creating a blog post over the content in terms of where they place an image element, or a H2 or H3 or body text. Because of that advanced feature and flexibility, having a dynamic table of contents was not something at the time that I was focused on.

Thinking about how to do that now, I don’t think it would be possible using my template.

But if you wanted to the dynamic TOC and don’t mind forcing your users to create every blog post to look the same, where each post has headers, body text and images in the same locations (so boring), it is possible.

Thanks for the reply, @boston85719 . I recently discovered your plugin and was curious about it.

Regarding the TOC, I’m considering migrating to Bubble from WordPress with Elementor as my page builder, and Elementor has a really snazzy TOC tool. I think the TOC tool just lists all header styles as clickable links.

Do you know if/how a person could do this with Bubble? I’m wanting to use Bubble to create a lot of protected written material, so this is quite important.

You could do it but they wouldn’t be something you could click and have them scroll to the section of the post. The bubble scroll to workflow action works by nominating an element to scroll to, and you wouldn’t really have a way to know which element needed to be scrolled to based on clicking a header link.

That is why I was saying you could, but it would make it so each post had to have the same layout and limit the formatting options of a post.

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