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Blog with H1, H2, H3 Text elements for SEO

I am about to put together a blog and obviously am concerned about SEO and was hoping some experienced on the subject have some ideas on the best approach.

Specifically, I am wondering if there will be benefit to using a Rich Text Editor for loading the content and then displaying it in one text element. Will that allow google to see H1, H2 and H3 tags?

Or would it be better, but more cumbersome, to create a dynamic page that has a set up with groups for separate “paragraphs” where I have a text element set to H2 followed by text set for basic paragraph content and another text element for H3. These would be collapse when not visible. Then in my data type for blog posts I would have lists of H2 and H3 to attempt to allow an “easy” way to load the dynamic data to get picked up as H1, H2 and H3?

I feel like I am over thinking it and this may come from a lack of experience with SEO overall.

Does anybody have experience with building a blog that gets picked up well by google?

I am also thinking of best practices for implementing google snippets.

Yeah this is a major issue to be honest - The only work around I can find is that you use a HTML element, insert a dynamic element.

I ended up developing a Blog Builder/CMS

I saw this - However, looking at the code for a blog post example, there’s no h1 at all… which seems odd.


It does. It also has H2, H3 as well as H4 utilized, plus structured data and link elements for internal linking.

The reason you are probably not seeing it in a test that you are performing, and the same reason why I don’t either using SEO tools is because the template is basically on a “Free” plan, and free plans in Bubble do not support or provide for SEO functions.

But this seems strange to me, so I will submit a Bug Report to Bubble concerning this subject since, while I am in the debug_mode to view the inspector tool, I can also use an SEO tool extension on browser, which normally picks up the Header tags regardless of the plan the app is on…in this instance this is not the case

Even though the inspector tools shows the H1 the SEO tool extension shows none. I’ve had issues in the past with Bubble regarding the page description and title not coming back properly for SEO and after significant teeth pulling they acknowledge the Bug and rectified it. This might be similar.

Looking closer at this as well, I checked the text element for H3 and the option for Header Tag is not available on the text element, not on the text element itself, and not in the Style of it either. There must be some Bug, and might be associated with the version of Bubble the template is on.

If you look at the outputted HTML, the h1 does not appear here: Testing this Blog template

Seems Bubble’s not outputting the right h1 which is a bug relates to the style/html

There are definitely Bugs. I’ve reported it to Bubble and they have already acknowledge the bugs and escalated it to engineering. Hopefully they will resolve it soon.

Support came back and informed me my settings for enabling header tags was not checked. Very strange as it is checked by default when starting a new app, and the elements had them set already so when checked again they came back.

Strange thing now is the meta description is not getting picked up. In the past I had the issue with the title, description and image. Hopefully they can explain why the meta description doesn’t get picked up by SEO tools.

That script might pick it up - but crawlers like ahref, google and others doesn’t pick it up.


If you are experiencing issues like that in apps that you build using the Bubble header tags you should submit a bug report.

If you are using crawlers to test my template, probably not getting picked up because the template is on a subscription type from Bubble that doesn’t provide for SEO abilities. You would need to have an app on a paid subscription for Bubble to produce the SEO aspects to be picked up by crawlers.

Can you provide an example of a test that you have done that shows crawlers like ahref, google or others not picking it up?

I’m comparing with mine (or others in the forums) - example:

This is with SEO correctly done (settings and style) and nada. This is due to the fact that the H1 content is wrapped inside a div. So the H1 is created, just not correctly.

Same with Links.

You built that in bubble? How did you get a canonical URL? I’ve never seen that Bubble now supports that.

Okay I see how that is possible now on Bubble

That is a nice improvement from Bubble in regards to SEO features.

@toby2 do you have a screen shot of the test results using your tools for the link you shared?

I don’t have a screenshot handy, but the tool is soo… rather a leading tool on this front.