Auto incremental numbering with max

I want to auto increment the numbering of a list of meetings. I managed it by creating a new meeting --> add to list of meetings of company --> meeting nr = list of meetings of company:count

This works but if I delete meeting 7 of the 10 meetings and add a new meeting, I have two meetings with nr 10.

On the forum I have seen :max but I cannot reproduce it. I was thinking about looking at the nr field itself, pick the highest number and then add + 1. Like meeting nr:max + 1. But how do I get that :max?

I am presuming that when you say list of meeting of company:count you mean that you are either doing a search OR you are working with a list of things within another thing. In either case, you can use :last to get the last meeting and grab the nr value. You could also do a search for meetings and sort them desc and choose :first and then grab the nr value.

Make sense?

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As long as the meeting number is of type “number” then you can just do …



Thanks mguerrasio, it makes sence. Fortenaly I just managed to reproduce Nigel’s example. Thanks Nigel.

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