Auto-logoff all users at a specific time


For a project, I would to like to log-off all users or a list of users at 7 pm everyday. Is this something that is possible with Bubble?

I guess this is possible. Schedule an API Workflow on user. And use Log out another user session.


Thanks for the quick reply!

What do you mean by scheduling an API Workflow?
Basically you will need to:
Create Schedule API Workflow with two step: A) Logout user, B) Schedule API Workflow (the current one) Current date +1day, set hour to 19 and min to 0.

On user sign in, Schedule API Workflow on the Created User. Current date +1 day, set hour to 19 and min to 0.

So everyday, at 7PM user will be logged out and a new schedule will log the user out tomorrow (and this will run in loop everyday for each user).


Thanks! This is what I have now. It makes sense to me. Have I missed anything?

you should not use schedule on a list but just schedule api Workflow.


Thanks for the reply. I have changed it to this now. Did i miss anything here?

The API Workflow should have a data to store which user it is. In the API endpoint, Add a data field “user”. you will be requested to fill the user in the Schedule API workflow action

Ok, I have it set up like this now.

In api workflow, dont use the current user. Use just User from the api endpoint

Ok I have only change the data in the trigger in the API workflow. I have Current User in the index page.

This should be good

Just check the first strp in api workflow to be sure you are log out the user in the api call. Not current user

What do you mean by this?

I have it like this now.

Nevermind. Just need to test to see if this work for you :wink:

Would it be easier just to add a conditional on your pages, to hide groups if it’s past 7pm.

Unless you’re wanting users to enter their passwords everyday.

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@Jici Thank you very much! Going to test it today!

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Unfortunately, It is not working, have I missed something?