How to schedule workflow for all users without them opening the app

My problem:

  • Each user have backend workflow which calls itself every day
  • By some unknown reason for some users these workflows stopped
  • Now I need to start these workflows for them again without them visiting my app

All the ways I tried didn’t work:

  • Bulk operations from DB view. Seems like you can’t schedule new workflow from workflow called via bulk operation.
  • DB trigger + changing field in DB for all users via bulk operations. Seems like trigger doesn’t work if DB was changed via bulk operation.
  • Schedule workflow in a list. Can not schedule workflow for another user.
  • Recurring workflows. Can not initiate workflow without user opening app / on behalf of other user.

So the only solution i have in mind is to manually log in from each user and schedule next workflow but it will take days and weeks.

So what am I missing? Is it possible at all?

Hey @MarkusB,

You might want to look into recurring workflows, but note that you need to be on Professional+ to run daily recurring workflows.

Doesn’t the professional plan also provide for daily workflows Johnny?

Oh yes! That’s what I meant lol

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Thanks guys, but $115/month is a little bit too much for me.

Is there even one other way? Maybe there is a way to externally schedule a workflow for a given user?

This is very frustrating because I cannot fix the functionality that my users expect.

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